Here’s Why Weight Loss Tea Is the Biggest Scam on Instagram

The social media is bombarded with celebrities, fitness bloggers and models praising detox tea that could do wonders to your body.  Even though there are few products that work but solely depending on them for weight loss is not advisable. You need to eat the right food and work out regularly to get the dream body.  Also, it is highly advisable that you read through customer reviews before choosing a product. For instance, going through shakeology reviews will let you know everything you want to know about the product and how it works.

Detox teas

These detox teas are herbal teas claiming that they help in detoxifying your body and helps in weight loss. But these teas actually works as laxatives and it creates a false sense of well-being and good health.  Drinking any kind of laxatives more than 2 weeks will make your bowel stop functionally normally. One can easily get addicted to these laxatives.  

Many people have reported various symptoms including stomach cramps, irregular bowel movements, etc after consuming these teas for a longer period of time. However, the manufacturers of these products have warned about the undesirable side effects like severe cramping and diarrhea. 

Even though these teas claim to help you with weight loss, their impact is quite minimal.  The effects these teas are caused are mainly because of the insufficient absorption of nutrients and results in diarrhea.  Also, it is not healthy to lose weight quickly as it can result in disrupting menstrual cycles and affects the reproductive cycle. In reality, these teas are making you lose water from your body, which will result in dehydration and it is going to create a strain on different internal organs.  Ultimately it will lead to a severe headache, poor concentration, and fatigue. As mentioned before, read through user reviews carefully before choosing any product. …