How Social Media Contributed to the Rise of Fashion

Social media has become an indispensable part of human lives. Now it is quite hard to imagine a life without it.  The fashion industry is gaining many benefits from social media.  In earlier days, people would carry the same bag daily for more than a month. Now the reality has changed. People, who are quite active in social media are posting pictures on daily basis, prefer to wear new outfits and carry different accessories each day. They do not wish to be photographed in the same outfit or accessories.  Social media actually encourages this mentality that if an outfit is shared with the public, it could never be photographed again.  They just have to visit an online site like and pick up the product of their liking within a few minutes.

People love to display their collection of favorite brands to the world. This trend has created a boom for fashion rental sites wherein people could rent out high-end clothing and later return it after the stipulated time.  Apart from rentals even the fast fashion retailer’s benefits from this trend.  They are taking advantage of the shorter life of the trend cycles and come up with new trendy outfits and accessories in a short period of time.

Now day’s people never visit a shop to look for what’s trending. They check out the photos of the people they admire to know what the current trend is. Social media is much more effective than the mannequins in store windows.  The fashion retailers and designers are using the social platform to advertise their product.  They approach celebrities to wear their products and post it in social media.  

The fashion houses now ‘live stream’ their shows on social media. Even in a few platforms, the customers have the option to buy the outfits immediately as they watch them walk the ramp. …