DJing is an exciting experience and the additions of technology to the field have made it even more interesting and thrilling.  There are many cool and new tools that can be used as a value addition in DJing. The many aspects of DJing such as matching, syncing and re-editing are becoming easier and accessible with the development in the field of hardware and software. Some of the emerging technologies are listed below:

  • Stem – it allows the player to play the track, layer it and rearrange separate sections of the tracks, and splits the track into four different categories. Any kind of combination can be included by the separation of the tracks bringing in innovation.
  • TraktorControl – the turntable setup is what makes it special. There are four decks in which you find remix slots and track display system which can be used for reference.
  • Ableton Live – functions more like a digital audio workstation it works more like production software. It works with a perfect blend between DJing, live performance and production of music at the same time.
  • Magix Digital – produces an amazing sound quality combined with hardware controllers that function effectively. It is one of the best tools for a DJ.
  • Roland DJ 808 – Get your heartbeat thumping with the addition of drum beat perfectly blended with the track to make your DJ experience more lively and scintillating. The amazing audio quality it offers makes it one of the best bet.
  • Ableton Live – allows you to edit and mix sound in a synchronized manner. Moreover, it is also compatible with any tool that you use.

With some of the best technologies that can be used in the field of DJing as listed above, go through to experience or display your musical talents and even getting some of the best tracks available.