How to set up and start using Health for iPhone in 2019

Websites like apexhealthandcare are designed to help people focus on their health. Learning about health problems and ways to prevent them is the first step to take to ensure the best health. Smartphone and technology, in general, play a huge role in improving the quality of healthcare. There are many ways in which tech can be used to diagnose and treat even chronic illnesses. Smartphones have a considerable role to play in the healthcare domain today. The Health app on the iPhone is one of the trendsetters in this segment. This is an app that comes loaded with features that can be used on iPhones, iPads and even the Apple Watch. This makes it possible to integrate emergency features and general heart health monitoring. Here is how you can set up the Health app on your iPhone and make the most of it.

Four different categories can be tracked on the Health app – Sleep, Activity, Nutrition, and Mindfulness.

Start by adding your personal information on the Health Data section of the Health app.

There is also the option to extract data from other sources or other apps or even your Apple Watch.

Once this is done, you can set the auto-synchronization feature on. So data from all compatible health-related apps on your iPhone would be synced. Also, the data from your Apple Watch would be extracted.

Tracking your progress

On the Today tab in the Health app, you would be able to view a quick snapshot of your daily progress. Here are the parameters displayed-

•    Mindful minutes

•    Heart rate

•    Steps

•    Sleep analysis

You would also be able to gather information about your activity levels. All this data can be used to ensure that you stay active and even get better sleep. …

Screens and Kids: 7 Survival Tips for Parents

1.    Educate them about health impacts:  Parents have to tell the kids about how spending long-screen hours spoils their health.  This will have a positive effect on children.  None of them want to wear glasses as they fear being bullied at school.  No child wants to be obese.  Parents can use this to their advantage.  They can quickly bring down the screen timings.

2.    Develop their reading habit:  Developing reading habit can make the children stick on to story books.  Even when they spend time in the gadget, this habit will make them search good reading rather than chatting.  Only when children waste more time in chats and wasteful posts, plenty of problems would arise.  Diverting their focus towards positive elements of technology will minimize the harmful effects.

3.    Alternative entertainment:  Ensuring that the kids have more choices at home will reduce their screen time.  Children should have other interests like playing with toys, star gazing, etc. In such a case, they spend their screen time searching for safe information like toy reviews on Doodlebuckets.

4.    Time restriction:  Hourly restriction is needed.  It is mandatory even during holidays.  This will automatically make the child use his screen time productively rather than searching for unwanted sites.

5.    Educate them about bullying impacts:  Making the child aware of bullying and its consequences will help the child avoid joining unwanted groups.

6.    Set an example:  As a parent, when the father and mother restrict their screen time, the child automatically reduces its phone usage.

7.    Act at initial stage:  When the parent senses that the child is browsing inappropriate content, action has to be taken at the initial stage itself.  Diverting the child’s attention to games and physical activity would help.  Also, precautionary measures will prevent these issues.  It is better to block unsuitable sites rather than regretting later.…

5 Emerging Technologies That Are Redefining How DJs Play Live

DJing is an exciting experience and the additions of technology to the field have made it even more interesting and thrilling.  There are many cool and new tools that can be used as a value addition in DJing. The many aspects of DJing such as matching, syncing and re-editing are becoming easier and accessible with the development in the field of hardware and software. Some of the emerging technologies are listed below:

  • Stem – it allows the player to play the track, layer it and rearrange separate sections of the tracks, and splits the track into four different categories. Any kind of combination can be included by the separation of the tracks bringing in innovation.
  • TraktorControl – the turntable setup is what makes it special. There are four decks in which you find remix slots and track display system which can be used for reference.
  • Ableton Live – functions more like a digital audio workstation it works more like production software. It works with a perfect blend between DJing, live performance and production of music at the same time.
  • Magix Digital – produces an amazing sound quality combined with hardware controllers that function effectively. It is one of the best tools for a DJ.
  • Roland DJ 808 – Get your heartbeat thumping with the addition of drum beat perfectly blended with the track to make your DJ experience more lively and scintillating. The amazing audio quality it offers makes it one of the best bet.
  • Ableton Live – allows you to edit and mix sound in a synchronized manner. Moreover, it is also compatible with any tool that you use.

With some of the best technologies that can be used in the field of DJing as listed above, go through to experience or display your musical talents and even getting some of the best tracks available. …

How Social Media Contributed to the Rise of Fashion

Social media has become an indispensable part of human lives. Now it is quite hard to imagine a life without it.  The fashion industry is gaining many benefits from social media.  In earlier days, people would carry the same bag daily for more than a month. Now the reality has changed. People, who are quite active in social media are posting pictures on daily basis, prefer to wear new outfits and carry different accessories each day. They do not wish to be photographed in the same outfit or accessories.  Social media actually encourages this mentality that if an outfit is shared with the public, it could never be photographed again.  They just have to visit an online site like and pick up the product of their liking within a few minutes.

People love to display their collection of favorite brands to the world. This trend has created a boom for fashion rental sites wherein people could rent out high-end clothing and later return it after the stipulated time.  Apart from rentals even the fast fashion retailer’s benefits from this trend.  They are taking advantage of the shorter life of the trend cycles and come up with new trendy outfits and accessories in a short period of time.

Now day’s people never visit a shop to look for what’s trending. They check out the photos of the people they admire to know what the current trend is. Social media is much more effective than the mannequins in store windows.  The fashion retailers and designers are using the social platform to advertise their product.  They approach celebrities to wear their products and post it in social media.  

The fashion houses now ‘live stream’ their shows on social media. Even in a few platforms, the customers have the option to buy the outfits immediately as they watch them walk the ramp. …

Here’s Why Weight Loss Tea Is the Biggest Scam on Instagram

The social media is bombarded with celebrities, fitness bloggers and models praising detox tea that could do wonders to your body.  Even though there are few products that work but solely depending on them for weight loss is not advisable. You need to eat the right food and work out regularly to get the dream body.  Also, it is highly advisable that you read through customer reviews before choosing a product. For instance, going through shakeology reviews will let you know everything you want to know about the product and how it works.

Detox teas

These detox teas are herbal teas claiming that they help in detoxifying your body and helps in weight loss. But these teas actually works as laxatives and it creates a false sense of well-being and good health.  Drinking any kind of laxatives more than 2 weeks will make your bowel stop functionally normally. One can easily get addicted to these laxatives.  

Many people have reported various symptoms including stomach cramps, irregular bowel movements, etc after consuming these teas for a longer period of time. However, the manufacturers of these products have warned about the undesirable side effects like severe cramping and diarrhea. 

Even though these teas claim to help you with weight loss, their impact is quite minimal.  The effects these teas are caused are mainly because of the insufficient absorption of nutrients and results in diarrhea.  Also, it is not healthy to lose weight quickly as it can result in disrupting menstrual cycles and affects the reproductive cycle. In reality, these teas are making you lose water from your body, which will result in dehydration and it is going to create a strain on different internal organs.  Ultimately it will lead to a severe headache, poor concentration, and fatigue. As mentioned before, read through user reviews carefully before choosing any product. …